Building A Capsule Wardrobe? 3 Simple Ways!

One question I got asked recently is "how can I curate an everyday wardrobe that minimises waste, is stylish and timeless?" As part of my mission and styling journey is to help clients tackle waste and overconsumption in fashion, I thought to share 3 simple ways with you:

1. Wardrobe Declutter

Over time we accumulate many items of clothing that just sit in our wardrobes or storage gathering dust and not being utilised. Sound familiar? I am definitely guilty of this too.

So a great way to tackle this is through a wardrobe detox. In summary, the ultimate goal is to sort through the items you hardly wear with a view to:

  • reincorporate those items into your normal daily lifestyle;

  • sell or rent quality items that are in good condition through sites such as Depop, By Rotation etc

  • get rid of items that don’t fit or flatter you by donating to charities, or gifting to family and friends.

2. Buy Less

Imagine your wardrobe is a music album with 10 songs on it. As an artist, you’d want almost all songs to be a hit and so you’d be very selective with how you collaborate and compose the songs that’ll end up making the album. I apply a similar strategy with clients’ wardrobes. It’s way more effective to buy 1 item you truly love than 3 items that you find average because you’ll always be drawn to wearing the item that sparks the most joy for you :)

So the next time you set out for a shopping adventure, be more selective and pick out hit items!

3. Choose well

Do you know what colours and styles flatter you well? This is absolutely key to helping you choose well when shopping online or in store.

I’d be delighted to have a chat with you and help you curate an everyday wardrobe that you love and is a 100% YOU!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

Consciously & Stylishly yours,